Habby Osk the founder of Sculpture&Flame is an accomplished Icelandic artist based in Brooklyn, US and Akureyri, Iceland. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including solo exhibitions at renowned museums and galleries, and numerous group exhibitions at distinguished galleries and exhibition venues.


Habby started Sculpture&Flame in early 2016 and the brand has grown rapidly since then. She works in a wide range of medium such as sculpture, installation, video and photography. Habby works with a variety of materials in her art-practice and wax is one of the main materials she chooses to work with. She works with concepts such a permanence and impermanence, balance and imbalance, and time, which are all closely related to Burning Both Ends.
Habby makes Burning Both Ends in her studios in Brooklyn and Akureyri.


The concept of her brand is to blur the line between art and design and make unique objects, which are collectables and affordable at the same time.
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